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helping win the fight against infaNT loss and childhood life threatening illnesses

There are many organizations that help families with a patient that was given a diagnosis of a childhood life threatening illness.  Contact this organizations if you would like to do volunteer work for us.  Whether it is cooking meals for patients, or assisting with hospital bedside assistance, or even babysitting for a parent that has to be in the hospital, there are many ways that you can help.


Also, help us spread the word about infant loss and how it has affected your life or the life of someone you know.  We want to let the world know that infant loss has a major impact on a family and that more needs to be done to help lower the infant mortality rate.  By helping us spread the word about this the TNFI will be able to be a catalyst to bring about change.


Contact us if you would like to volunteer or if you have questions:

Call: Volunteer Inquiries 1 (516) 513-8634

Email: volunteer@tnfi.org


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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Tyler Nicole Foundation. We hope you can find here a fulfilling and dynamic learning experience.

Our volunteer program has a well established structure, which helps each volunteer to develop different skills and very familiar with their own personal and professional development, by supporting actions that he or she performs.

The program welcomes people of all ages, sexes, vocational and educational levels, who wish to be linked to the social impact actions we take, as part of the core activities of the organization.

We seek people with a sense of social responsibility, warm and responsible, who want to make their contribution to the world.

Contact Us to learn what volunteer opportunities are available.


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The Tyler Nicole Foundation will be hosting several events to bring to light the crisis of infant loss and childhood life threatening illnesses in our communities.  These events will allow you to see the enormity of the situation that we as families face when we are dealing with this.  Please get in touch with someone in this organization for more information.  Also, by participating in these events, you will do your part in helping us socialize and familiarize the American people with the plight of infant loss and childhood life threatening illness.



community outreach

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in building healthy communities by providing critical services that contribute to economic stability and mobility. They also strengthen communities in other important ways. Frequently, nonprofits are the voice of the people they serve.  TNFI is looking for individuals willing to help us outreach in reference to infant loss and childhood life threatening illnesses.



The TNFI is helping individuals cope with infant loss and childhood life threatening illnesses.  In order to provide the services that we do we depend on donations from the public. Fundraising makes 

nonprofits sustainable. If a nonprofit does not fundraise, it is vulnerable to its source of funding ending.  That is why fundraising is extremely crucial to ensure sustainability for your cause. That is why we need volunteers to help us fundraise.

admin work 

Volunteer work is the cornerstone that joins charitable service and hard work. While an individual generally does not receive compensation for volunteer hours, the rewards of service go far beyond that of monetary payment. individuals who volunteer are likely to develop skills that can be useful when searching for a job.

Individuals and organizations can provide pro bono legal aid, administrative work, individual and family services, all in an attempt to help patients and their families.