Latest Happenings at TNFI

the tyler nicole foundation always has something new in the works. From new programs designed to help  families cope with their situuation, to resources to help you manage while dealing with your sick child, Here are some of the things we’ve been up to most recently:

be a hero, save a life – blood cancer awareness event

This event is about educating the public about blood cancers so that people will be aware of the impact blood cancers have on individuals “Be A Hero, Save A Life: Blood Cancer Awareness Event” was created by the Tyler Nicole Foundation to do something in the community of Jamaica Queens about bringing awareness about the plight of blood cancers in New York City. This event will educate the public about blood cancers so that people will be aware of the impact that blood cancers have on individuals in the community. TNFI wants to especially reach out to minorities (African American and Hispanic) because Luis is mixed race and they are affected severely by the disorder especially when it comes to searching for a match. The goal is to spot the symptoms so that people can be diagnosed earlier for treatment. TNFI also wants to teach the public about the bone marrow donation process and the importance of building the bone marrow registry for minority patients in order to save lives.
It is important for us to register as many donors as we can because only 4 out of 10 patients that need a transplant find a match. TNFI is on a mission to do as many drives as I can in order to build the registry. There are parents out there everyday that are told their children will die because they cannot find a bone marrow donor match. It is our obligation to do what we can for individuals like Luis Danvers and others that are suffering with leukemia and other blood disorders.


luis danvers leukemia fund

The Luis Danvers Leukemia Fund (LDLF) is a 501c-3 not for profit organization dedicated to the fight against leukemia and other blood diseases.  The LDLF was organized to promote, educate, and spread awareness about  leukemia, Luis’s fight against leukemia, information about the struggles of patients and their families, and   becoming a bone marrow donor, donating cord blood, and blood donations. 


Welcome to our website

Welcome to Tyler Nicole Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to better quality of life in our city, country, and around the world. Our mission is to provide financial aid, counseling, assistance, and support for families who have experienced infant loss and childhood life threatening illness. This will include miscarriages, deaths caused by infants born prematurely, stillborn births, abortions, childhood illnesses, cancers, tumors, etc.