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help us win the fight against infant loss and childhood life threatening illnesses


The Tyler Nicole Foundation is a 501c-3 not for profit organization that was organized for the purpose of providing aid, assistance, counseling, education and support for families who have experienced infant loss and childhood life threatening illness. This will include miscarriages, deaths caused by infants born prematurely, stillborn births, abortions, childhood illnesses, etc.  Infant loss affects a family in a devastating way and takes a toll on them mentally and emotionally.  It is crucial for a family to spend time dealing with their grief and coping with the loss.  Also, a life-threatening childhood illness diagnosis is extremely hard on a family. It takes a financial strain which causes it to be extremely difficult making ends meet. So, helping families cope happens because of donations made to our organization. All donations are tax deductible. If you would like to donate on behalf to the Tyler Nicole Foundation you can donate in the following ways:


Call us if you would like to donate to the Tyler Nicole Foundation or if you have questions about donations you can:

Call: Donation Inquiries 1 (516) 513-8634

Email: donations@tnfi.org


Send a check or money order made out to Tyler Nicole Foundation to:


Mailing Address:

Tyler Nicole Foundation

PO Box #340355

Jamaica, NY 11434