sharon turnage, msw

Chief Executive Officer

I am the Founder, President of the Tyler Nicole Foundation Incorporated a 501c-3 not for profit organization that provides comfort, care, and support for families that experience the loss of a child or has a child with a life threatening illness.  I am founder of the Luis Danvers Leukemia Fund which is a subsidiary of the Tyler Nicole Foundation. The goal of this subsidiary is to promote, educate, and spread awareness about leukemia and other blood cancers, Luis’s fight against leukemia, information about the struggles of patients and their families, and becoming a bone marrow donor, donating cord blood, and blood donations.  As Executive Director overall strategic and operational responsibility for the Tyler Nicole Foundation’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. She or he will initially develop deep knowledge of field, core programs, operations, and business plans. I am pursuing my Masters In Social Work at one of the most amazing schools in the world Fordham University. Finally, I am launching a Life Coaching Practice, I do Motivational Speaking, and last but not least Full-time mom of five.



yvette joseph

Chief Financial Officer

Reporting to the executive director (ED), I define the process and implement the infrastructure/systems needed to support substantial growth over the next five to 10 years. I will continue to build and manage effective and streamlined administrative/financial systems, including financial, accounting, legal, information technology (IT), human resources (HR), and physical infrastructure.  As a member of the senior management team, I will be involved in strategic planning, evaluation, and professional development initiatives, as well as planning for Tyler Nicole Foundation’s expansion to multiple new sites both locally and in other cities. In keeping with TNFI’s values, I will also interact with program recipients as a mentor.       


Our Amazing Staff

The Backbone of Our Organization

We couldn’t do half of what we do here at TNFI if it wasn’t for our awesome staff. In addition to our own office staff, we also have mentors, instructors, service providers and many other expert individuals who help us help our clients. Rest assured that unlike your average staffing service, anyone we are willing to recommend for your service is someone that we trust and utilize ourselves.

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