help us win the fight against infant loss and childhood life threatening illness


Welcome to Tyler Nicole Foundation, the nonprofit organization dedicated to better
 quality of life in our city, country, and around the world. Our mission is to provide financial aid, counseling, assistance, and support for families who have experienced infant loss and childhood life threatening illness. This will include miscarriages, deaths caused by infants born prematurely, stillborn births, abortions, childhood illnesses, cancers, tumors, etc. 

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tnfi is here for you

This organization is committed to helping these families deal with the problems that arise because of their child’s illness. This will allow them to concentrate on the health of their child instead. We invite you to learn more about our services and activities here on our website. not hesitate to contact us to provide more information. We are happy to support you and your support.

What can you do in your community?

TNFI is fighting against infant loss and childhood life threatening illness. Through our contacts we have created a network that supports the our cause and allows us to generate new ideas on how to continue our mission providing our services to humanity and the world. There are so many ways you can help us win the fight against infant loss and childhood illnesses. You can also make your contribution. We have an excellent volunteer program that moves a line of action with the greatest impact on our organization.


 hospital bedside assistance

TNFI will provide assistance to families experiencing infant loss.  We will also be there while their child is in the hospital. We will help with meals, errands, etc. in order to help them concentrate on their child’s recovery.

Support groups / counseling services

We will provide group counseling to help families cope with infant loss and help them begin the healing process. We will give referrals in order for an individual to receive one on one cou

Financial assistance

The organization will help families by providing them with financial assistance. This assistance can help the family pay for medical bills, transportation, food,etc. in order for them to support themselves so that they can concentrate on taking care of their child.

referrals for services

Families will also have access to resources necessary to help them move on with their lives after infant loss.




sharon turnage, LMSW, CASAC-T

I am the Founder, President of the Tyler Nicole Foundation Incorporated a 501c-3 not for profit organization that provides comfort, care, and support for families that experience the loss of a child or has a child with a life threatening illness.  I am founder of the Luis Danvers Leukemia Fund which is a subsidiary of the Tyler Nicole Foundation. The goal of this subsidiary is to promote, educate, and spread awareness about leukemia and other blood cancers, Luis’s fight against leukemia, information about the struggles of patients and their families, and becoming a bone marrow donor, donating cord blood, and blood donations.  As Executive Director overall strategic and operational responsibility for TNFI’s staff, programs, expansion, and execution of its mission. I have deep knowledge of the field, core programs, operations, and business plans. I am pursuing my Masters In Social Work at one of the most amazing schools in the world Fordham University. Finally, I am launching a Life Coaching Practice, I do Motivational Speaking, and last but not least Full-time mom of five.


yvette joseph

Reporting to the Executive Director (ED), I define the process and implement the infrastructure/systems needed to support substantial growth over the next five to 10 years. I will continue to build and manage effective and streamlined administrative/financial systems, including financial, accounting, legal, information technology (IT), human resources (HR), and physical infrastructure.  As a member of the senior management team, I will be involved in strategic planning, evaluation, and professional development initiatives, as well as planning for Tyler Nicole Foundation’s expansion to multiple new sites both locally and in other cities. In keeping with TNFI’s values, I will also interact with program recipients as a mentor.        Email:


Store Hours

Monday – 10 AM – 4 PM

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Saturday – 10 AM – 12 PM

Sunday – Closed


Emergency Telephone Service:

24 Hour Service —

Telephone: 1 (516) 513-8634


For general information about the Tyler Nicole Foundation you can:


Telephone: 1 (516) 513-8634


Sharon Turnage / Email:

Yvette Joseph / Email:

TNFI is fighting against infant loss and childhood life threatening illness.  Losing a child is one of the hardest things you would have to experience in your life. The type of emotions that one could feel range from disbelief, anger, sadness, guilt, and depression. The loss has a devastating affect on the family. This organization wants to help these families get the support that is needed to help them deal with their loss. Also thousands of children are diagnosed with life threatening illnesses each year. When a child is sick it can have a devastating impact on the family. 

This organization is committed to combating infant loss and childhood life threatening illness. helping these families deal with the problems that arise because of their child’s illness. This will allow them to concentrate on the health of their child instead. TNFI is committed to bringing about awareness to this plight.  Please visit our website for more information about infant loss.

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