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Media and public relations

The Tyler Nicole Foundation Incorporated (TNFI) is a 501c-3 not for profit organization that was organized for the purpose of providing aid, assistance, counseling, education and support for families who have experienced infant loss and childhood life threatening illness. TNFI would not be able to spread awareness throughout this country if it was not for all the media coverage given to our foundation.  A Big Thank You to everyone in the press that has covered our movement!


Sharon Turnage and the staff at the Tyler Nicole Foundation


Telephone: 1 (516) 513-8634

Email: media@tnfi.org

Public relations

The public relations staff at the Tyler Nicole Foundation is committed to responding quickly to media inquiries. To speak to our staff, call our public relations staff at:

About the Organization

Learn more about the Tyler Nicole Foundation and the work we do every day to save the lives of patients and their families dealing with infant loss and childhood life threatening illnesses.  The goal of the TNFI is to save as many lives as we can from this.  In order for us to save lives, we have to make the public aware of the epidemic that infant loss and childhood life threatening illness have caused.  We are going to do regular events, speaking engagements, documentaries, public service announcements, media etc. to promote awareness.  The tnfi hopes that by doing this we will bring awareness to the forefront and people will no longer have this be devastating to the family.


Meet Our President 

Learn more about the TNFI including information about our President and Founder Sharon Turnage.  You can read her biography and also find out information about her infant Tyler Nicole that started a movement.  This baby was an amazing gift that has set out to save a nation.  In the near future you will be able to learn about all the staff and volunteers that make the TNFI an amazing organization doing amazing work.


Press Releases

Here you will find all the press releases for the Tyler Nicole Foundation including the press release for our newest campaign.  The TNFI will post all the press releases in order for you to get a good idea of how hard this organization works to educate the public about infant loss and childhood life threatening illnesses.


Press Kit

Our press kit provides basic information for the press interested in learning more about the TNFI and all the services that we provide.  



The Tyler Nicole Foundation has received a lot of media coverage and you can find the links in our media section.


Promotional Material

There is promotional material on this website for members of the press, businesses, organizations, or anyone that would need our media materials as a way of learning about our organization.  Please feel free to download the materials for your own use.



The TNFI will soon have a blog that will give vital information about the organization and our campaign to raise awareness.